samQ: SAP License Management

samQ is a SAP license optimiser that centralises all licensing processes to optimiseyour costs and give you full control of your SAP license management.

samQ analyses the activities of SAP users automatically at regular intervals, rates them in accordance with license regulations, and optimisesthem. At the touch of a button, the tool collects all license information to verify software license compliance. As such, you will know immediately if over-licensing or under-licensing is an impending threat or cost. Additionally, the manual efforts required for license allocation and license measurement can be reduced by up to 80 percent. The results of the analysis enable the development of an evidence-based, realistic and economically-optimised licensing strategy.

samQ reduces your license costs and audit risks, while staying compliant with contractual and Indirect/ Digital Access requirements.

samQ reduces high additional payments for Indirect Access. Do not trust the results of your SLAW – get valid information yourself. Right now SAP only offers an estimation of indirectly generated documents or a complex passport implementation, not a clear and easy measurement. Mitigate your Indirect Access risk with samQ.

Usage and authorisation-based license distribution keeps you prepared and optimised for annual system measurements at all times, without the need to classify users manually.

By optimising your SAP license inventory with samQ, you can guarantee permanent, ideal distribution of the existing license inventory based on actual usage and assignedauthorisations. The result is a permanently optimised and compliant SAP landscape. This means complex preparations for the SAP system measurement belong to the past. License audits become transparent, predictable and verifiable.

S/4HANA Migration: SAP offers financial incentives for an early S/4HANA migration but only if you know which licenses you will need in the new S/4HANA world. We help you know your license inventory and trade-in shelfware to be equipped for S/4HANA.

Request Mini samQ for free here!

Mini samQ checks, in a quick and simple way, whether all users in a selected SAP system are correctly distributed, e.g., whether users are over- or under-licensed.

How Mini samQ works:

Download the transport

Enter the license key included with the Mini samQ transport request

Take a few minutes to customise your settings

Run the compliance check